The Board has set up a Purchase Committee consisting of officers of the Board for petty purchase, etc. item amounting Rs. 1 to 5 lakh, as under:

No. Officer's Designation Designation As Committee Member
1 Member Secretary Chairman
2 Senior Environmental Engineer Member
3 Senior Environmental Scientist Member
4 Chief Accounts Officer (Personnel) Member
5 Law Officer Member
6 Head, Central Laboratory Member
7 Environmental Engineer (to be decided by the Chairman) Member
8 Environmental Engineer (Stores) Convener
9 Administrative Officer (Personnel) Member
10 Accounts Officer Member
11 Internal Audit Officer Invitee Member
12 Head of respective Regional Office Invitee Member

Moreover, following officers shall also be included as Members in the aforesaid Committee for purchase of an item exceeds amount of Rs. 5 lakh and above.

1. Deputy Secretary, Forest and Environment Department, Govt. of Gujarat.
2. Financial Advisor, Finance Department, Govt. of Gujarat.