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Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) aims at developing all round capabilities to protect the environment by preventing and controlling pollution by effective law enforcement and by adopting best environmental management practices to keep the State on course of sustainable development.

Over the years the Board's mandate has grown several folds, necessitating ever increasing demand for skill to handle complex laws and to cope with the challenging tasks of stringent standards of performance expected of it.

It aims at being not only a regulator but a facilitator for developments with paradigm changes of a long-term nature i.e. Environment Clinic and Help Desk.  

As effectiveness of the organization itself lends credibility, it is intended to enhance skills and competencies of staff, processes and systems, attitude of officers, relationships and leadership that influence the outcome.

Optimum utilization of the collective experience and knowledge of GPCB becomes feasible through teams. Team spirit will also ensure and maintain that left hand not only knows what right hand is doing, but that both hands and all other limbs work in the same direction, giving full credit to the team - "team GPCB".

Effective communication is a matter of knowledge of the issue, language skill, patience and understanding. As public servants and not masters staff of GPCB shall always act with humility while, of course, being firm on the regulatory role and demonstrate the ability to receive feedback patiently and with empathy and act on such feedback.

GPCB shall initiate measures for competence building, fostering commitment, cultivate trust and common purpose between the higher levels and lower level and enhance motivation and employee growth.

Administrative controls are necessary to ensure quality and promptness with which the service is to be delivered to the clients. A voluntary code of conduct will go a long way to secure the required commitment.

The transformation for good governance calls for change of leadership role aimed at involving and empowering all those who are working in GPCB. GPCB leadership, therefore, is committed to pioneer all efforts to secure the vision.

Shri Bhupendra Patel

Hon'ble Chief Minister, Gujarat State

Shri Mulubhai Bera

Hon'ble Minister (Forest & Environment)

Shri Mukeshbhai Patel

Hon'ble Minister of State (Forest & Environment)