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                                                                                                              GUJARAT POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD
                                                                                                 PARYAVARAN BHAVAN, SECTOR 10A, GANDHINAGAR

                                                                                                                     GENERAL IMPROVEMENT NOTICE

GPCB by this notice informs all stakeholders as under before taking any legal action against wrong doers regarding breach of condition or legal requirements under the Environment Protection Laws. Object of this notice is to alert people for improvement as early as possible, so that subsequent hard action may be avoided.
  • All sources of water consumption including pipeline, bore well, tanker, canal etc. and total water being used from all such sources shall be informed to GPCB immediately. Effluent discharge from ETP, CETP, FETP etc shall be through flow meter indicating correct quantity being discharged.
  • Increased or new production and increased wastes generation exceeding the CTE (NOC) and CCA limits shall be informed to GPCB with necessary amendment application immediately.
  • Effluent discharge only from authorized points of ETP, CETP, FETP and pipelines are permitted. Any other discharge, bypass, leakage, spillage, transfer or transport from other points are unauthorized and therefore they shall be checked, removed or stopped. Outside or underground discharge by zero discharge units is not at all permitted.
  • All pipe connections to any authorized pipeline (e.g. pipeline laid by GIDC or Common Facility Operator) shall have to be approved by the GPCB, if not approved so far. Unapproved pipeline connections shall be removed. If unauthorized pipe connections are under the jurisdiction of local authority, such authority will remove such unauthorized connections immediately.
  • Where treatment of wastes is not possible or not giving any desired or legal result, the process or product shall be changed or stopped and informed to GPCB immediately. Such untreatable or untreated wastes shall not be discharged in any common facility like CETP, FETP, pipeline etc. or any other places.
  • Handling, transfer transport, dumping, burying or burning (incineration) of any hazardous, bio-medical or municipal wastes shall be carried out at authorized premises and within time limits only. Transporting, throwing, dumping or burning of such wastes at public places or unauthorized premises shall be checked, removed or stopped.
  • To reduce air pollution, only authorized fuel shall be used and all APCM shall be operated efficiently. Non-operation of APCM including scrubber, column, condenser, flare, vent cooler, local exhaust ventilation, odour killer etc. shall be checked and stopped.
  • Vigilance (surprise checking) teams are increased, their frequency of checking and powers are also increased. Violations will be detected by them in addition to routine checks by concerned offices.

Only wrong doers are warned. Breach of conditions or illegal activities found during above checking may attract dire consequences including closure or other legal proceedings. All other law abiding units shall continue to enjoy their rights of business and good infrastructural facilities provided by the State Government.

February 15, 2011                                                                                                                                                                                                      (Hardik Shah)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Member Secretery