Central Acts

Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974
Under the provisions of this Act, any individual, industry or institution, discharging industrial or domestic wastewater is required to apply in Form D to obtain consent of the Board. It is an offence to discharge any wastewater without the consent of the Board.

Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Cess Act, 1977
Under the provisions of this Act, any individual, industry or institution, using the water resources of the State, has to pay the Cess on water consumed. Information pertaining to consumption of water should be furnished in the Cess Form I

Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981
Under the provisions of this Act, any individual, industry or institution responsible for emitting smoke or gases by way of use as fuel or chemical reactions must apply in Form I and obtain consent from the Board. It is an offence to commence or run such industry without the consent from the Board.

The Hazardous Wastes (Management & Handling) Rules, 1989
Under the provisions of The Hazardous Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules 1989 framed under the Environmental (Protection) Act, 1986, it is mandatory to apply in Form I and obtain authorisation of the Board for storage, transport, handling, disposal, etc. of the hazardous wastes. Collection, storage, transport or disposal of such wastes without proper authorisation becomes an offence.

The Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules, 1989
Under the provisions of these rules, units engaged in manufacture, storage and import of hazardous chemicals notified under these rules must report in the prescribed form regarding occurrence of an accident that may take place at the storage site of such chemicals. Further, a report on such storage and safety measures for storage of such chemicals must be submitted by the unit in the prescribed form at least three months in advance of storage. It is necessary also to prepare ON SITE EMERGENCY PLAN related to storage and submit the same to the Board. Prior to import of such chemicals, information regarding the same should be submitted to the Board.

Environment Statement
Under the provisions of the rules prescribed under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, it is mandatory for all industries which are required to obtain the consent of the Board either under the provisions of the Water Act, 1974 or the Air Act, 1981 to submit an Environment Statement in the prescribed form by the 30th September every year.

Public Liability Insurance Act, 1991
Under the provisions of this Act, all the owners associated with production or handling of any notified hazardous chemicals must take out and renew insurance policy. In the event of any accident caused by the notified chemicals, the owner must immediately inform the concerned District Collector and the Board. Legal actions are initiated against the defaulters.

  • The provisions of these Acts are implemented by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board, with its Central Laboratory (Gandhinagar) and the Regional Offices together with laboratories located at Ahmedabad Region - Gandhinagar, Vadodara, Bharuch, Surat, Vapi, Rajkot and Jamnagar.
  • The Board issues 'NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE' to proposed new industries having potential of pollution after examining the location, measures and plants to control pollution of water and/or air, conversion to non-agricultural use from environmental angle holistically clearing the proposed sites. Thus, care is taken right from inception of proposed new industries and the practice is in vogue since the establishment of the Board. For effective implementation of the Acts and the rules thereof, it is made mandatory for a new industry or an industrial estate to obtain certificate, regarding adequacy and appropriateness of pollution control prior to getting government aid or loan or subsidy. For location of a new industry or industrial estate compatible with the environment, under the project of Zoning Atlas, the work on the Panchmahals District is completed and the work for other districts is in progress.